Digital Onboarding –
Simple and efficent

Typelane enables you to easily digitalize your onboarding process to improve new hire productivity and engagement. Forget spreadsheets and manual tasks, transform your company onboarding with Typelane.

Digital onboarding

How it works

  • 1

    Easily put together delightful employee communication

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    Put together the onboarding process with a few clicks

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    Kickstart a preboarding
    in seconds

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    Lean back and let Typelane take care of the rest

Create engaging and personal employee communication. Included everything from presentation to to-do’s and questions.


Set up the process you would like, including everyone from the new hire, to managers and more.


Launching a new onboarding has never been easier or more care-free.


Everything will be handled automatically and you can lean back, rest assured your new hire will receive beautiful and well-timed communication.

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Improve engagment

Stay connected with your new hires and ensure they have all the information they need before their first day.


Support your managers

Help managers deliver an outstanding and consistent onboarding experience with checklists, templates and reminders.


Save time

Free up your time by streamlining your employee onboarding process and automating the most time consuming tasks with Typelane.

Adapt your onboarding to reflect your company’s needs

Typelane’s platform is flexible and therefore you can adapt your digital processes after your needs to ensure smoothest possible onboarding experience for everyone. You can create workflows and automate journeys to maximize employee engagement.

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Typelane's Employee Portal Contains All Information Needed

Easy to use and even easier to get started

Create beautiful digital onboarding experiences with only a few clicks. With pre-built templates getting started is really easy and if you ever need help we are always here to support you each step of the way.

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Create Engaging and Interactive messages with our editor
“We had many practical challenges, questions that came back to HR. Now we are able to communicate and answer the most frequent ones automatically while delivering an outstanding employee experience for our new hires. Typelane makes it much easier for us” Carina Svensson, Head of HR, NA-KD
Customer NAKD

Scalable Onboarding

Don’t let employee onboarding slow down your company’s growth. With Typelane’s intuitive portal you can create an onboarding process that scales while making sure your new hires feel welcome and engaged throughout the process. Digital onboarding has never been easier.

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Automated onboarding journey
“With Typelane we have everything in one place, it’s so convenient and it enables us to create an outstanding experience,”
Filip Schröder,, HR Business Partner, Telavox
“It has made a big difference for us. We have a better process, are able to preboard new hires and keep engagement high throughout the entire process.”
Victoria Linden, Head of HR, Telavox
“We wanted each new hire to get the same information and support, with Typelane we where able to achieve that and more.“
Cecilia Jansson, , Recruitment Specialist, Veolia

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