Employee Offboarding –
A better way to say goodbye

Typelane helps you deliver a better offboarding process by making sure every employee has a consistent and secure experience leaving the company. Free up your time and support your managers by streamlining workflows and automating processes.


Improve security

Make sure your former employees don’t have access to sensitive company data and assets.


Support managers

Help managers in providing your employees with a pleasant offboarding experience.


Stay compliant

Make sure to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and GDPR.

Streamline your offboarding workflow

With Typelane you can easily set up the offboarding process you want to have at your company. Increase productivity, improve processes and make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

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Automated offboarding journey

Make offboarding more human

Give your employees a nice send-off and increase the odds of them being a loyal brand ambassadors for your brand. Offboarding is often overlooked, but with Typelane you can give your employees the best possible offboarding experience.

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Personal offboarding message

Work together

Trigger reminders, divide checklists automatically and make sure the entire organisation does their parts effortlessly with Typelane.

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Automatic offboarding checklists
“By using Typelane for offboarding as well, our process has become more secure and we are able to make sure things get done the right way. It helps us make sure sensitive company information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.“ Erica Beyer, Head of Employee Engagement, Bliwa
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