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Typelane makes it simple to deliver a personal and engaging employee
onboarding while saving you time and removing hassle. Give your new hires the best possible onboarding experience with Typelane.

A delightful employee onboarding experience

Give new employees and outstanding and personal onboarding experience with Typelane. See lower new hire turn over, higher engagement and quicker time to productivity. Make sure your new hires adopt your company’s culture and have the information they need for a smoother onboarding.

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Smart workflows to support the entire organisation

Onboarding a new hire involves the entire organisation, now there is software designed to help everyone. Support your HR and managers by triggered reminders, divided checklists and automated journeys. Scale your onboarding and free up your time by transforming your employee onboarding.

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Automated onboarding journey

Gather input and complete tasks effortlessly

Divide checklists, gather feedback and involve the employee early to make sure their onboarding process works seamlessly. With Typelane you can make sure your new hires have the best possible onboarding experience, every single time.

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Gather feedback automatically
“It has made a big difference for us. We have a better process, are able to preboard new hires and keep engagement high throughout the entire process.”
Victoria Lindén, Head of HR, Telavox
“With Typelane we have everything in one place, it’s so convenient and it enables us to create an outstanding experience,”
Filip Schröder, HR Business Partner, Telavox
“I don’t know how we would have managed without Typelane. It’s a great product!”
Erica Breyer, Employee Engagement Manager, Bliwa

Easy to use and easy to implement

Create beautiful employee onboarding experiences with a few clicks. With pre-built templates getting started is really easy and if you ever need help we are always here to support you each step of the way.

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