Make sure your new developers are ready by day one!

Remove repetitive work with an automated onboarding workflow!

  • Timed messaging
  • Information gathering
  • Reminders
  • IT enquires
  • Task delegation
  • Much more…
Onboard remote developers

Reusable onboardings that does the job

By onboarding with Typelane, you make the employee feel valued because you’ve already invested time in them before they officially started. You also avoid wasting people’s time by having a game plan for what the first few weeks look like.

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Automated messages for each Onboarding

Hit the ground running

By sending out useful reading and other material before their first day, recruits can join the company more well-prepared and confident.

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Prepared for the first day

Introduce the people

It’s hard to get a mix of different people feel like a group, especially with remote workers. Enable your new hires to see who they’ll be working with and how your team culture looks.

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Meeting thet team

Ready for day one

Make sure you know what your team needs to do great work. By sending out a few quick questions before their first day, you can make sure every thing is ready and that you know your new team member a bit better.

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Onboarding forms

Templates and best practices make it easy to get started

With pre-populated templates you can get started with Typelane in minutes. And if you ever need help our world class team are here each step of the way.

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