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Great to have you onboard, Charlotte!
First day on: Monday, 9 December
Meet your manager: Lucas
You have 5 tasks due
Your messages
Vision & Mission!
Meet your new team!
Preparations for your first day
Vision & Mission!

πŸ‘‹Hey Charlotte,

We are really excited that you will be joining this rocket ship. Culture is really important for us so we wanted to share a video that explains who we are and what is important for us.

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Trigger reminders, divide checklists automatically and help managers stay one step ahead with messages that are sent just at the right time.

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Contract signed β†’ New hire
Welcome to the team, Daniel! πŸ‘‹ Here's some information you might want to look at to get a headstart!
12 days before first day β†’ Manager
Daniel is joining your team! Here's a list of todos that need to be taken care of before 17 December.
10 days before first day β†’ IT Services
We need to order hardware equipment for Daniel by the 17th of December.
On first day β†’ New hire
Today is the day, Daniel! As the CEO I'd like to welcome you to our company!
30 days after first day β†’ Manager
Hey Daniel! We're curious to hear how your first month have been!

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