The onboarding tool for support teams

Streamline your customer support rep onboarding with Typelane. Save time, remove hassle and empower CS reps to handle their first call earlier and with a better outcome.

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Shorten time to productivity

Shrink the average time it takes for a new rep to reach productivity with a structured onboarding.


Streamline processes

A structured onboarding process that is just in time will make it easier to welcome new hires on everyone.


Increase retention

A structure employee onboarding also boost rentention by more than 82%. Getting into a new job is hard, Typelane makes it easier.

Start onboarding CS reps
before their first day

Imagine customer reps coming in knowing the culture and how things are done at your company! With Typelane you can easily jump start their onboarding enabling them to quicker reach productivity.

A digital and
streamlined process

No more printing papers, trying to find the right things on the intranet and reinventing the process for each new hire. Typelane makes it easy to stay one step ahead and make the process of joining your team delightful and less stressful for everyone.

Decrease clutter

“Every round of hiring without good onboarding leads to a huge loss of productivity, so it’s important to get it right as soon as possible.”

Erica Breyer

Employee Engagement Manager – Bliwa

Set it up once and know that everyone get the same onboarding

Set it up once, knowing that each new hire will get the same onboarding and information. With Typelane onboarding new hires is a breeze.

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Templates and best practices make it easy to get started

With pre-populated templates you can get started with Typelane in minutes. And if you ever need help our world class team are here each step of the way.

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Everything gathered in
one convenient place

With our modern onboarding portal new customer service reps have one place where they can always access all the information they need.

Typelane's Employee Portal Contains All Information Needed

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