Big news! Typelane has been acquired.

Dear Typelane partners and supporters, Today, we are thrilled to announce that Typelane has been acquired by Whippy, a leading company in the onboarding and offboarding space. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey and I couldn’t be more excited about the future. As the founder of Typelane, I am confident that […]

Typelane X Whippy
Typelane X Whippy

Big news! Typelane has been acquired.

admin · Jan 17, 2023

Dear Typelane partners and supporters, Today, we are thrilled to announce that Typelane has been acquired by Whippy, a leading company in the onboarding and offboarding space. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey and I couldn’t be more excited about the future. As the founder of Typelane, I am confident that […]

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Virtual orientation onboarding

How to make virtual orientation a success

admin · Nov 26, 2021

Many organizations had long toyed with the idea of integrating online orientation into their systems. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns in most places and the rise of remote work and suddenly, companies had to adjust to the new environment.  Hiring during the pandemic means that new employees have to be onboarded and trained. The […]

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30 creative employee onboarding ideas

30 Creative Employee Onboarding Ideas Your New Hires Will Love

admin · Jul 15, 2021

In this article, we’ve gathered 30 fun and engaging employee onboarding ideas we hope you can use to make the process fun or add pizzazz to your companies employee onboarding and employee orientation. 1. Shadowing. Have your new hires spend their day with a current employee who knows the rounds, can show them what a […]

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Employee offboarding

How to Make Employee Offboarding a Better Experience

admin · May 9, 2021

Having a great employee leave is never an easy thing. Often when an employee announces that they will be leaving many naturally only focus on the goodbye instead of all the contributions the employee has made. By keeping employee offboarding positive you won’t only get a brand ambassador you also increase the odds of having […]

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Exit Interview questions

Questions For Your Exit Interview

admin · Mar 18, 2021

ALWAYS take the opportunity to learn more about why your employees leave.  While exit interview are essential it is also important to keep in mind that it is unrealistic that they will be 100% honest. There could be several reasons for that but most often the employee fears that he or she will burn bridges […]

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Employee offboarding is essential.

Why Employee Offboarding is Mission Critical

admin · Feb 28, 2021

Having a good process and effectively offboarding employees is essential for each and every organisation regardless of size. A good employee offboarding process will not only save the company money but 40% of employee say they would considering boomeranging back to a company where they had previously worked. Offboarding is not only about making sure […]

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Typelane now works with 2000 apps

Typelane now works with +2000 apps!

admin · Oct 30, 2020

Today we are excited to tell you about our latest integration. It’s been in the works for a few weeks now but we are finally ready to share that Typelane now connects to more than 2000 different services via Zapier, unlocking a whole new world of time-saving automation. With integrations like Zapier we are taking […]

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welcome letter

How to write a welcome
letter to a new employee

admin · Aug 19, 2020

New employee welcome letter acts as an icebreaker when a new hire joins a company. We listed some things you should take into account when crafting the letter.

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hr podcasts

Best HR podcasts for summer 2020

admin · Jul 22, 2020

Now is the perfect time to hit the beach, park or a café and enjoy the summer while listening to a great podcast. We listed some HR podcasts you may want to check out this summer.

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Why cold emailing in 2020 works

admin · Jul 17, 2020

The beauty of email is that it connects all of us, everyone is literally one email away. Compose something meaningful, find their email and press send, it’s that easy. Being brave enough to press send can change the trajectory of your career, fund your startup, or change your life. But cold emails are also among […]

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long-term remote work

5 Cornerstones of a long-term remote work plan

admin · Jul 7, 2020

Remote work seems to be a big part of the future of work. Whether it’s fully or partially, many companies are now making the shift more permanent. We listed the 5 cornerstones of a long-lasting and successful remote work set up.

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no-code tools

Why we all should be excited about no-code

admin · Jun 30, 2020

Building digital products like websites or apps is something that has been out of reach for most people for a very long time. If you have an idea that you want to realize, you will most likely need to spend money, maybe raise it, and hire developers.  The other way to do it is to […]

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Reboarding back to the new normal

admin · Jun 18, 2020

As most of the world is slowly leaving strict quarantine many of us are trying to adjust to the new and ever-changing normal. The time in quarantine has in many ways been challenging, but it has also been fun and interesting.

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automated onboarding

Automating employee onboarding – How and why?

admin · Jun 5, 2020

Making the most out of your home office requires some planning and iterating until you find out what works for you the best. We listed our top picks on how to work from home and be more productive.

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Five books about starting a startup

admin · Jun 2, 2020

Founding a company is a unique roller coaster a lucky few of us get to experience. It is something that will help you develop a unique set of skills and challenge you in ways you never been challenged before.

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workplace wellbeing

Tech and apps that will transform your workplace wellbeing

admin · May 19, 2020

Wellbeing of employees is one of the most important things to look after. Here are some useful technology and apps will help with that.

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employee onboarding

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Onboarding

admin · May 12, 2020

Everyone knows employee onboarding is important, but why exactly? We listed 7 reasons why you should invest in it.

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Onboarding SMS

Bringing SMS to employee onboarding

admin · May 6, 2020

We have rolled out an SMS feature which enables our users to choose between two delivery channels for their journey messages; email or text.

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manage remote employees

Managing remote employees: 5 tips for better remote leadership

admin · Apr 21, 2020

What kind of aspects should be focused on when leading a remote team? We listed 5 tips to help you become a better leader for a distributed team.

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remote onboarding

How to succeed in remote onboarding?

admin · Apr 6, 2020

How to make sure you provide an outstanding remote employee onboarding experience? Here’s some of our best practices to help you.

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engaged remote employees

8 ways to keep (remote) employee engagement high

admin · Mar 31, 2020

How to make sure your remote workforce stays engaged when you don’t see them on daily basis? Here’s 8 ways to keep the engagement high despite the distance.

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HR Forums

Human resources forums every HR professional should join

admin · Mar 24, 2020

There are hundreds of human resources forums online and it’s impossible to delve into all of them. We listed our top hr community picks.

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remote tools

Must-have tools for remote work: team communication, collaboration and design

admin · Mar 24, 2020

Working from home is now more topical than ever. There are hundred of tools available to make remote work easier and more productive. We wanted to list the tools we root for.

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Work from home

Working from home: 5 tips for better remote work

admin · Mar 16, 2020

Making the most out of your home office requires some planning and iterating until you find out what works for you the best. We listed our top picks on how to work from home and be more productive.

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employee orientation

6 Steps To Include in Your New Hire Orientation

admin · Mar 9, 2020

We listed 6 steps you should include in your new hire orientation to create an outstanding employee experience starting from the day one.

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onboarding tools

Best employee onboarding tools in 2021

admin · Feb 19, 2020

We made a guide of the best employee onboarding tools on the market to make it easier for you to find the one with the best onboarding tool for your company.

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onboarding videos

The 15 best employee onboarding videos

admin · Feb 13, 2020

A great employee onboarding video makes welcoming new hires more personal and engaging. See some of the best employee onboarding videos around the world.

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Employee Onboarding Quiz

admin · Feb 6, 2020

Take our quick employee onboarding quiz to find out how much you know about employee onboarding.

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Employee life cycle

What is employee life cycle?

admin · Feb 5, 2020

Understanding the employee life cycle and it’s four different steps is essential in order to provide employees with a good employee experience. In this article we explain each step and why it’s important for you to know about it.

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onboarding statistics

10 Mind-blowing Employee Onboarding Statistics

admin · Jan 29, 2020

We pooled together the top employee onboarding statistics. The proof is in the numbers – companies need to invest more in their employee onboarding.

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Employee onboarding videos

How video can make your employee onboarding magical

admin · Jan 14, 2020

Using video in your employee onboarding can lead to a big improvement in new hire productivity. Getting started doesn’t need to be hard. Read more in our blog post.

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employee orientation and employee onboarding

What is the difference between new employee orientation and onboarding?

admin · Jan 13, 2020

Wondering what the difference between new employee orientation is compared to employee onboarding? They aren’t the same and you most likely need both.

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Preboarding employees

What is the difference between preboarding and onboarding?

admin · Dec 11, 2019

Preboarding employees is a great way to increase new hire productivity. But what is the difference between employee preboarding and employee onboarding?

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employee handbook

How to Create an Outstanding Employee Handbook

admin · Dec 4, 2019

Wondering why you need an employee handbook? Learn how to create an employee handbook that helps you strengthen culture, boost productivity and retention.

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improve your employee onboarding

5 easy steps to improve employee onboarding

admin · Nov 27, 2019

A good employee onboarding is key to a happy and productive employee. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to improve your employee onboarding.

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onboarding cost

The True Cost of A Bad Employee Onboarding

admin · Nov 19, 2019

88% of companies don’t onboard new employees properly which results in a huge loss of money. Best tips on how to improve an employee’s onboarding experience.

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4 things that actually motivate employees

admin · Nov 12, 2019

Employee engagement has quickly risen to one of the hottest topics within HR. How do you make sure employees are motivated and how to keep them engaged.

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Henry is now Typelane

Introducing Typelane 🎉

admin · Oct 15, 2019

We’re excited to share with you all that Hi Henry is now Typelane. We are changing name and updating our brand identity. Read more about it here.

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Upgrade your offboarding process

4 reasons to upgrade your employee offboarding

admin · Oct 13, 2019

Employee offboarding is something that can make a former employee either an ambassador or not. By formalizing your offboarding process a lot can be gained.

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12 onboarding statistics

12 Employee Onboarding Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

admin · Oct 11, 2019

76% of organisations don’t know best employee onboarding practices. We share employee onboarding statistics that highlight the importance of onboarding.

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