Unifying and strengthening the culture

"With Typelane we know each hire gets the same understanding of Veolia and what we stand for."

For more than 160 years Veolia has provided people and industries with water management, waste management, and energy services vital to human development.

Today Veolia is the global leader in optimised resource management. With a global presence and nearly 171 000 employees worldwide, Veolia is rethinking how we manage water, waste, and energy, for a better tomorrow.

Creating consistency to improve productivity

As Veolia in the Nordic region has changed a lot during the last few years there was a growing need to create a unison understanding of the company, it’s vision and where it was headed. Onboarding was identified as the perfect opportunity to solidify that understand among all new hires. Before Typelane onboarding was a mostly manual process. “We noticed that it took a lot of time and created a lot of internal frustration”. says Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment specialist and Competence coordinator at Veolia. Also when further looking into the onboarding process it became clear that the onboarding processes differed quite a lot internally. As a company with a lot of locations it was essential to make sure every new hire understood the company, its mission and brand.

“The employee onboarding experience and understanding you got of the company was too dependent on which manager you got, that was something we needed to fix” says Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment Specialist, and Competence Coordinator.

“We wanted each new hire to get the same information and support, with Typelane we where able to achieve that and more.“

Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment Specialist and Competence Coordinator, Veolia

But the desire to update the process didn’t only come from HR. “We noticed that a lot of managers wanted support, checklists, and information about the new hire”, Cecilia Jansson says.

With Typelane, Veolia was able to create a journey containing information that automatically communicates with HR, Managers and the employee. The information is sent just in time and therefor avoids confusion, a lot of questions and internal back and forth.

The importance of preboarding

With Typelane, Veolia was able to establish a preboarding process, something that was new for the company. “We had a lot of questions from new hires, and we felt we reinvented the process each time” Cecilia Jansson says. With Typelane, Veolia was able to craft a seamless employee onboarding that starts as soon as the contract is signed. “For us, employee preboarding was something new, but we quickly realized that it’s an essential part of our process” says Cecilia Jansson. With Typelane, Veolia is able to kick-start the employee onboarding as soon as a contract is signed.

“Questions from new hires took a lot of time and we often felt we were reinventing the process. With Typelane we are able to adress many of these questions before they start”

Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment Specialist and Competence Coordinator, Veolia

Automating, and saving time

By automating the employee onboarding Veolia has been able to save time and also create a better process. ” We have saved so much time and with Typelane as we are able to remove a lot of the stress and manual steps”, Cecilia Jansson says. By automating the process Veolia is able to enjoy a consistent and automated process that works in the background.

“I don’t even wanna think about what we would have done without Typelane. It wouldn’t have worked. “Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment Specialist and Competence Coordinator, Veolia

For many companies employee onboarding is still a manual process which takes a lot of time and creates internal frustration that affects new hires. This is not the case at Veolia any more. “We save a lot of time with each new hire. It makes a big difference”, Cecilia Jansson says.

“It makes our life much easier. It just works in the background over long periods of time and helps us manage each step effortlessly.“Cecilia Jansson, Recruitment Specialist and Competence Coordinator, Veolia

For Veolia the time between decision and implementing Typelane didn’t take long. And for HR and managers it’s been a tool that has been easy to use regardless of technical knowledge or IT environment. “It is really easy to use and I love that it’s constantly developing and improving”, Cecilia Jansson says.

As Veolia continues to support societies and industries with new innovative solutions, we at Typelane look forward to helping them achieve a smooth, engaging and seamless employee experience.

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