A better approach to
onboarding & offboarding

Typelanes gives you everything you need to give your employees a great employee experience from start to finish.

An easy to use
all-in-one platform

Regardless of whether you are looking to digitalise your pre-boarding, onboarding or offboarding, Typelane has it all in one convenient place, enabling you to handle the entire employee life cycle.

preoboarding,onboarding,offboarding all in one platform

The onboarding flow that
does the heavy lifting for you

Simplify employee onboarding with Typelanes smart workflow. Reduce errors and make sure each new hire gets the same experience regardless of when they start.

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Automated messages for each Onboarding
“If we had not found Typelane we wouldn’t be able to offer the onboarding we do today. I don’t know how we would have managed without Typelane.“ Erica Breyer, Employee Engagement Manager
Bliwa Onboarding

A modern employee experience

With Typelane you can offer new hires a personal experience. Our intuitive portal you can free up time while make joining your company a delightful , simple and engaging process.

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Typelane's Employee Portal Contains All Information Needed

Gather employee input effortlessly

With Typelane you can streamline information gathering and make sure everything is done at the right time.

Employee onboarding feedback

Tailor your onboarding
after your brand

Tailor your onboarding and your portal after your brand, making it feel like a natural extension of your company.

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employee onboarding communication

Easily scale your onboarding process

Typelane can easily be adapted after different roles, locations and more in order to make your employee onboarding and offboarding as relevant as possible for the recipient.

scaling employee onboarding

Templates and best practices
make it easy to get started

With lots of templates, ideas and beast practices readily available in Typlane, getting started is really easy.

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