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Hello there πŸ‘‹
Last Day: 13th of February
Your Manager: Nicklas Andersson
You have 5 items due
Your messages
Sorry to see you go!
A few tasks for you
Before your last day
Sorry to see you go!

Hey Alex,

We are really sorry to see you go. Even though there is nothing strange with people wanting to move on you will definitely be missed. We have a short goodbye video below, let us know what you think!

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Trigger reminders, divide checklists automatically and help managers stay one step ahead with automatic messages that are sent just in time.

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Employee leaving β†’ HR
Since Alex Martinsson is leaving we need to make sure to check off following items.
10 days before last day β†’ Manager
Since Alex is soon leaving please make sure to book a team after work to celebrate his new job.
4 days before last day β†’ IT services
Alex is soon leaving and we wanted to give you a heads up. He should come in with his computer and phone in 4 days
2 days before last day β†’ Employee
Hey there! Since you will be leaving please make sure to log-out from ICloud on your phone and computer.
2 days after last day β†’ IT
Hi there!Alex ended his employment 2 days ago. We need to make sure that all access is revoked. Please check-off following tasks:

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