Working from home: 5 tips for better remote work

Making the most out of your home office requires some planning and iterating until you find out what works for you the best. We listed our top picks on how to work from home and be more productive.

work from home
remote onboarding

How to succeed in remote onboarding?

Anni Pyhäjoki · Apr 6, 2020

How to make sure you provide an outstanding remote employee onboarding experience? Here’s some of our best practices to help you.

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6 Steps To Include in Your New Hire Orientation

Anni Pyhäjoki · Mar 9, 2020

We listed 6 steps you should include in your new hire orientation to create an outstanding employee experience starting from the day one.

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best onboarding tools

Best employee onboarding tools in 2020

Anni Pyhäjoki · Feb 19, 2020

We made a guide of the best employee onboarding tools on the market to make it easier for you to find the one with the best onboarding tool for your company

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13 employee onboarding videos

The 13 best employee onboarding videos

Vedran Ismaili · Feb 13, 2020

A great employee onboarding video makes welcoming new hires more personal and engaging. See some of the best employee onboarding videos around the world.

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employee onboarding quiz

Employee Onboarding Quiz

Vedran Ismaili · Feb 6, 2020

Take our quick employee onboarding quiz to find out how much you know about employee onboarding.

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Employee onboarding statistics

10 Mind-blowing Employee Onboarding Statistics

Vedran Ismaili · Jan 29, 2020

We pooled together the top employee onboarding statistics. The proof is in the numbers – companies need to invest more in their employee onboarding.

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Employee orientation

What is the difference between new employee orientation and onboarding?

Vedran Ismaili · Jan 23, 2020

Wondering what the difference between new employee orientation is compared to employee onboarding? They aren’t the same and you most likely need both.

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Employee onboarding video

How video can make your employee onboarding magical

Vedran Ismaili · Jan 14, 2020

Using video in your employee onboarding can lead to a big improvement in new hire productivity. Getting started doesn’t need to be hard. Read more in our blog post.

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preboarding vs onboarding

What is the difference between preboarding and onboarding?

Vedran Ismaili · Dec 11, 2019

Preboarding employees is a great way to increase new hire productivity. But what is the difference between employee preboarding and employee onboarding?

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employee handbook

How to Create an Outstanding Employee Handbook

Vedran Ismaili · Dec 4, 2019

An employee handbook is a great way to make onboarding easier. Learn how to create an employee handbook that helps you strengthen culture, boost productivity and retention.

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5 easy steps to improve your employee onboarding

Vedran Ismaili · Nov 27, 2019

A good employee onboarding is key to a happy and productive employee. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to improve your employee onboarding.

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true cost of bad employee onboarding

The True Cost of A Bad Employee Onboarding

Vedran Ismaili · Nov 19, 2019

Research shows that a whopping 88% of businesses don’t do a good job while onboarding new employees. So what are the consequences of bad employee onboarding?

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12 onboarding statistics you need to know

12 Employee Onboarding Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

Vedran Ismaili · Oct 11, 2019

Despite the importance of getting new employees off on the right foot, recent research shows that 88% of employees state that their current employer did not provide them with a productive onboarding program.

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onboarding remote hires

How to better onboard remote employees

Vedran Ismaili · Oct 8, 2019

Onboarding new hires is increasingly important in the workplace. Everyone is talking about its importance but how do you successfully onboard a remote hire? Read more here.

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6 reasons why onboarding is broken

6 Reasons Employee Onboarding Is Broken

Vedran Ismaili · Oct 3, 2019

Employee onboarding is complex, often involving multiple departments. There are good reasons why you should rethink your company’s onboarding process.

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welcome kit for new hires

The best employee welcome kits

Vedran Ismaili · Oct 1, 2019

Time to step up your welcome kit for new employees? In this article we went looking for some of the the best onboarding kits for new hires.

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employee onboarding

The only employee onboarding checklist you will need

Vedran Ismaili · Sep 30, 2019

This big employee checklist covers all the steps from employee preboarding to several weeks and months after they have started. Onboard better with our employee checklist.

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